Smart Business Services

Solve your most vexing business problems with customized technology solutions.

We create custom software solutions crafted to fit your needs and we help you maintain the solution beyond initial development and deployment. Our process is clear and open. We don't use jargon and technological gobbledygook to make ourselves look good.

This is a partnership and together we will take an iterative approach, making sure we are on the right track with your input every step of the way so that there will be few-if any-surprises.

We would love the opportunity to learn more about your project and how we can help. Schedule a call and let's get to work.

Process automation

  • improved productivity
  • data reliability
  • process consistency
  • real-time visibility

Maintenance & Support

  • reliable services
  • long-term partnership
  • technology expertise
  • customized support

Interactive Kiosks

  • increased engagement
  • customized experience
  • attention grabbing
  • data driven

Custom Development

  • Your business problems solved.
  • You dream it. We build it.

Save Time & Money

Our experienced team can work with you to improve your internal processes with a custom software solution tailored to your specific workflow requirements. Are you needing to improve operational efficiency, reduce errors and improve your return on investment?

We can help you do it. Our experts can build a solution to help your business run smarter.


Get Help When You Need It

We stand behind everything we build, and we’re here for the long haul. So, rest assured we’ll be available if you need future enhancements to your software. In fact, we have multiple systems which we have supported for more than 15 years! We also offer a variety of maintenance agreement plans and a dependable technical support team that developed your custom software.

We’re here to support you. If you have questions, give us a call!


Engage and inform your customers with interactive kiosks

We are experts in building beautiful and innovative kiosks. Need an attention-grabbing, hands-on way to present archival information, which also allows you to update content at any time with immediate results? Or an entertaining, interactive game-like method of delivering information, which also provides usage reporting capabilities? Our specialty is high-tech, data-driven, attention-grabbing interactives.

Our team, with more than a decade of interactive technology experience can help you.


Drive Results with Technology

If off-the-shelf software products don’t work for your company then give us a call. Mass-produced products can't always fulfill your specialized, industry-specific needs, and they can often come with data security concerns. At Mind-Over-Data, our team of experts can help build the application perfect for you. We can bring into reality the software that you have imagined. We can build it from scratch, or upgrade an existing application. Our team has collaborated with a host of companies with diverse specialties:


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Are you tired of wasting time (and money) with off-the-shelf technology that keeps missing the mark? We couple your experience with our expertise to develop common-sense tailored solutions that get the job done.