Ray of Light Exhibit

The Issue

The Ray Charles Foundation wanted to create a fun, interactive way to engage visitors at the new Ray of Light exhibit in the Ray Charles Memorial Library, opening in Los Angeles on what would have been the music legend's 80th birthday.

The Request

To enhance the visitor's experience at the Library's self-guided exhibit, GTOO Media, a company specializing in exhibit media design services, asked Mind Over Data to develop an interactive game concept using Ray Charles' music and sound bites. The system was expected to include a main, informational touch screen kiosk to attract visitors, explain how the game operates, and provide feedback to patrons using Ray Charles' sound bites.

The Solution

Mind Over Data produced a game that allows up to 4 players to re-mix Ray Charles' tracks and submit them for review. The main attract screen is equipped with a motion sensor to detect nearby movement so it can start playing an "attract video" which contains instructions on how to play the 3-minute game. When the attract/instructions are complete, the 4 game stations light up, giving visitors one minute to activate their kiosk to be included in the current game round. Visitors can "Mix it Up" for up to 3 minutes, then submit their "tracks" for review, after which pre-recorded sound bites of Ray Charles provide feedback.

  • Ray of Light - The Ray Charles Museum Ray of Light - The Ray Charles Museum
    Ray of Light Exhibit - Ray Charles Memorial Library
  • Ray of Light - The Ray Charles MuseumRay of Light - The Ray Charles Museum
    "Mix it Up" Interactive - Ray Charles Memorial Library