The Issue

TeamTrek, a company which provides motivational leadership training, wanted to boost usability of their website. They also wanted to update the styling of their internal, administrative site to match the new external site redesign. 

The Request

Mind Over Data was contracted to revitalize TeamTrek’s existing, client-facing and administrative websites (both developed by Mind Over Data in early 2000) to make them easier to use and give them a more unified feel.

The Solution

Mind Over Data improved www.teamtrek.com by revising the layout and aesthetics and updating text and images. In addition, a topic-based browsing system, which allows users to search for and retrieve monthly newsletters based on their specific needs, was added. Mind Over Data also delivered a redesign of the internal site, which included customizing all design elements (such as layout, font and color) to match those found on the external site, adding password recovery functionality and providing admin staff with the ability to categorize monthly editions of theJournal into predefined topic groups. Ongoing support from Mind Over Data involves monthly hosting and database maintenance.

    TeamTrek: Client-Facing Site - Monthly Newsletter Topic-Based Browsing Screen
    TeamTrek: Admin Site - Monthly Newsletter Topic-Based Categorization Screen
    Team Trek: Forgot Password Screen