CREDO/Survey System

The Issue

CREDO Institute, an affiliate of the Episcopal Church Pension Fund, which provides health and wellness conferences for clergy and lay employees, needed an easy, flexible solution to help manage their events as efficiently as possible. Their current system was considered to be too cumbersome and slow.

The Request

Mind Over Data was asked to design an easy to use, end-to-end conference management tool. The new application was expected to allow the user to manage all basic conference administration functions along with some additional functionality, such as the ability to: create and edit 360 degree surveys; schedule reminder emails; import 3rd party participant lists; store conference related documents and run reports based on the answers to users' survey questions.

The Solution

Using Adobe Flex, ColdFusion, and Microsoft SQL, Mind Over Data developed and implemented a custom, interactive, web-based, conference administration system for CREDO. The system, which was built to allow for growth/changes to the application, allows CREDO staff to manage: conferences, participants, faculty, emails, payments, conference-related documents, surveys, reports and all ancillary functions required to maintain the application. A skeleton application, which can be used to license the application to third parties, was also created. In addition, detailed documentation and training was also provided by Mind Over Data.

  • CREDO Admin Dashboard CREDO Admin Dashboard
    CREDO Survey System - Admin Dashboard
  • CREDO Admin DashboardCREDO Admin Dashboard
    CREDO Admin Dashboard - Edit Survey Screen