"Solutions crafted to fit your needs"

Mobile apps along with web and desktop applications are all methods we can use to deliver a custom solution for you. 

If you have a need that you believe might be able to be solved by one of these methods, please give us a call.  We'll can talk about what you're looking for and work together with you to make it happen.

A few of the systems we've created before are highlighted below.



Jordan Aluminum Extrusion

Jordan Aluminum Extrusion, a local company offering engineering consultation and extrusion services, products for all types of construction projects and custom/open dies production and warehousing, wanted to redesign their existing website, and upgrade to a system which would allow them to manage website content updates internally.

Memphis International Records

Memphis International records (a local, independent record label), needed a simple to use and easy to update website to showcase their artists and the ability to link to a third party eCommerce system so fans could purchase their favorite recordings online.

Miller Wood/Book Listing System

Miller Wood Trade Publications, a company which publishes 10 wood trade publications for distribution to specialized markets worldwide, wanted to make the process of updating their print publication data easier and more accurate. 

Miller Wood/Image Archive System

Miller Wood Trade Publications, a provider of industry specific publications for suppliers and buyers of forest products, needed an improved method for adding, updating, versioning, storing and accessing their large collection of digital media files. 

Miller Wood/Stock Exchange

Miller Wood Trade Publications (MWTP), a local publishing firm which provides information and resources for the lumber industry, wanted to add the ability to search for domestic & imported wood-stock listings to their website.

National Guard Products

National Guard Products (a leading manufacturer of weather-stripping, threshold products, lite kits, louvers and glass for commercial wood and steel doors), wanted to redesign their website to provide a modern and more innovative website experience for customers, sales reps and their employees.

Need Registry

Chris West needed a website to promote his new business venture - needregistry.com, a platform where people battling cancer or other serious illness can set up free fundraisers, organize meal giving schedules & access valuable information resources.



National Vision, Inc. (NVI) wanted an LMS to help them manage and administer their new eLearning employee training courseware.

Ogden Services LMS

Ogden Services needed an easy to use LMS to help them upload, deliver, manage, track and report on their eLearning courses. 

Patient Attendance Improvement System

To reduce nonattendance at cancer treatment appointments, the client wanted to launch an online appointment rescheduling system which would also provide access to the Uber app.

Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History

The Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History wanted to make their Dig It! Secrets of the Soil virtual exhibit a more compelling resource for users.

Student Metrics

Arlington High School wanted to update their process for organizing, administering and monitoring their state-mandated Response to Instruction & Intervention (RTI) sessions. 


TeamTrek, a company which provides motivational leadership training, wanted to boost usability of their website. They also wanted to update the styling of their internal, administrative site to match the new external site redesign. 


VECTOR Oncology (formerly ACORN Research), an oncology health outcomes and clinical trial efficiencies research organization, which uses custom patient surveys to help pharmaceutical companies evaluate currently approved treatments & develop new treatments, wanted to modernize their survey system to utilize web-based technology platforms and permit access from the internet.

VECTOR Oncology Rebranding

VECTOR Oncology, an oncology specific biopharmaceutical development and commercial outsourcing services organization (formally known as ACORN Research), wanted to rebrand and add some new functionality to its survey system.